Gerlinde Staffler, born in Italy, is a language teacher and a writer in her free time.
She studied 4 languages (Italian, German, English, Old Latin) Psychology and Educational Science.
Through her life experiences she has developed a strong philosophy regarding life approaches, where being means more than having. All these experiences have led her to become what she is today, focusing on self reflection and profound values, filtering the interaction with the world by them.

She defines her poems mostly as emotional, strongly philosophical and spiritual pieces.
Poetry for her is not only a way to express herself, but also a way to discover and to enter in the deepness of different topics of life; it's a way of experiencing and expressing life with different modus, an attempt to comprehend what is intrinsically incomprehensible, a searching for truth. In her belief Poetry is connected with every area of life, with every field of knowledge, Science, Psychology, Philosophy, Anthropologhy, History and so many others. Here subjectivity along with objectivity makes a creative harmony of feeling  beauty.
It‘s firstly empirical and emotional, then intellectual and lastly intuitional. Poetry with his power of immagination, ties souls together in every part of  the world and it let us go out from the ordinary living, giving a major meaning to life.
Poetry is movement itself, a continuisly evolving with the time due the different cultures and ways of life of different unique people.

She recently started translating her and other poet's works into Italian and German.
She shares her writings on her personal Fb account and on different Poetry groups on Fb and on her IG account. Many works have been already published in different online journals/magazines and in many Anthologies.
She has already won many certificates of excellence and awards from many global Poetry platforms and organisations.


Winged Beats

Take my soul by hand and lead me 
Where cheerfully we can fly on feathers
Of mad pleasure of sweetest leisures
Swaying gently through time united as we.

Let's fill our glances with serene laughter
And elate our hearts to heaven's throne
In a world of warmth we'll never feel alone
Then happiness will write a new chapter.

Guided by a tender fragrance along the street
In this hour, bowing to love, we rise
Wrapped in a golden amber of sunrise
In a noiseless tumult of winged beats.

By my Side

In your flickering anxious eyes
I can feel the sun that warmed my heart through life
A magic world wherein you kept me safe
Holding my hand amidst storms and high waves.

Instants of pure feelings greet my soul
As if time never concealed the spell
Love, the answer to all destroying forces
The sole surviver in evanescent sources.

Forever by my side, enlightening the way
I'll feel you everywhere as long in life I stay
In stroking air, in touch with feverish sun
In the smell of earth, in clear water's run.

Your shine in my memory will never fade 
An eternal embrace on my walk, I'm unafraid!

(A tribute to my parents)

Zoomed Childhood 

How beautiful it was to dunk the nose
In the intimacy of blooming scents
Of wide emotions of spread flowers,
To touch with fresh morning eyes 
Shimmering butterflies in festive clothes,
To greet an emerald caterpillar looking up,
To let hover my gaze over flashes of grass,
Wondering if behind the green curtains
My zooming vision can enlarge the world
For the beauty of small graceful pleasures

Bouncing around in a self made paradise
Of laughter, joy and wide open eyes
Our hearts were gladdened by sunny smiles,
Barefoot we conquered the surrounding space, 
Muddy, stony, dirty brown, on the surface,
We were regularly one with the explored place.

Wild and free, bustling like honeybees 
We circled, we ran, we climbed trees
From there we looked up towards heaven
Grabbing the planes in an outspread blue,
Pulling and pushing myriads of silky clouds,
In afternoons when the calm hung out there
Our chattering voices filled the quiet air.

Ephemeral Dances 

I watch softly flying petals painted in pink
Without gravity hovering above the ground
Displaying leaps to wind's whistling sound
From time to time melancholically to earth they sink

Oh, rise again, show your tickling dances
In playful exuberance, in merry elegance
Curl my pensive spirit in blissful trance
Then my imagination jumps beyond fences

Like a vortex  of undisciplined thoughts
They wander and whisper in sounding air
Reverberating myriad dreams, I like to dare
Elating my wistful soul like pinkish spots.

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