poems by Joanna Svensson
poems by Joanna Svensson


Joanna Svensson is a swedish poet, writer and novelist.
Shehas been writing and publishing her works ever since
her early teens.

As a poet she has at present five published books of poetry of
which twoare published in the USA in 2019.
As a writer two large fiction novels and a third almost ready.

She is a member of the Swedish Author Society  and
The Society of Polish Writers living abroad. Has
participated in several anthologies over the years and
achieved many acknowledgements for her prose and poetry.

In 2019 she was awarded 1:st prize at the Bucharest
International Festival of  Literature for her first novel
“TajemnicaMedalionu” which is nowbeing translated
into English.

She is also very active in both Swedish and Polish
literary society and she participates in several international
prose- and poetry festivals around the world.



The clockmaker of time
The clockmaker of light
Has shown me my lifetime
On the clockface of the horizon

I saw an intense light
Shining oh, so bright
A light that sparkled
With energy so strong and bright

A light that led to
Another parallel world
The clockmaker of time and light
Sowed me the clockface of time

And that’s when he saw
That my time was not due
I felt no anxiety
I did feel no pain

I did feel no fear
For the unknown
It felt so secure
In a way – just to know

That when my time has come
The clockmaker of time
Will take me
And lead me there

There where my new time is waiting
The time that is always preplanned
In the closed unit circuit of time
Where energy just doesn’t vanish into
Thin air – it transforms into higher
Transformes into higher energy

Oh, I am so thankful
For just having seen
My all bright new picture of life
I am so thankful
For having been shown
Just what awaits me there!




When the stars in my eyes
Have forever faded
I will still forever remember
Our blooming cherry tree

Where underneath you kissed me
For the very first of times
Where you say with me beneath
So many magic times

For years that seemed forever
For times with lack of endings
With endings never seen

My love, I want you to know
Something very, very special
I love you, always loved you
And I love you, always will

Though the stars in my eyes
Will someday fade forever
I will search these worlds all over
And somewhere find you there

Like the very first time I’ll say
Like underneath the cherry tree
My love, I want you to know
Something very, very special
I love you, always loved you
And I love you, always will

You are my everything
Mysoulmate, my startwin
You are my cleavage
The love of my life

And you will always be reborn
Just for me and me for you
Like the cherry tree in full bloom
Where for the very first time we kissed!




My nationality is human being
I found that out – long time ago
I looked behind all borders
I looked behind all hinders

My heart is pounding
Filled with love
For each and everyone
For each and everyone

I am so thankful
That we all are sisters and brothers
Regardless religion or color of skin
I am so thankful
That I may see
The humans’ good nature
Despite the dark clouds
On the horizon of life

I am so thankful
That I may see
See loves’ shining light
Shining so bright
When life is sometimes dark and hopeless

I know that heaven and earth combines us
That we all are children of the Universe

My nationality is human being
Who looks behind all borders
Who looks behind all hinders
My heart pounds
Filled with love
For each and everyone
For each and everyone



I refuse to see
The world as evil
Refuse to accept
That money is what counts

That fame and fortune
Is what’s important
And not love
True from the heart
From someone who loves you

It might be a fellow-creature
You’ve given your love
Your empathy and care

It might be a tiny animal
Whos hunger and thurst  you have calmed
And given it shelter and security

Might be a tree, a plant or a flower
Whos life you have saved
By watering, nursing and caring

So it may continue
To ripe, to bloom and to conjugate
In the closed circuit of life
Just like the Lord has forseen

All the laws of nature
And all the laws of the universe
Are all so practically natural
And all so universal
Are all so easy to see
And all so easy to follow

No money can buy you happiness
Not purchase peace for your soul
So share your time and your love
With the one who needs you the most

All this has its blessings
And of all important loads
On the scale pan of the universe
This is the most important weight

Heavier than purest gold
And purer than purest diamonds

I’ve found that out
Already long ago
That on your last and earthly journey
No pockets has your coat!




 I dreamed of
A bouquet of
Green roses
They were sent
To me
Last night
I don’t know
Where they
Came from
Don’t know
From where
Or from whom
They just stood there
On my
Bedside table
in lovely
Color green
By the full moon

Quite overwhelmed
For never
I saw
Colors of green
So bright shining

These colors
Of green
I had never seen
This fragrance
I had never felt
All was  so peaceful
Made me feel so at ease
The calm of it all
was enchanted

Maybe they came
From another world
Another reality
From a world
Where other
Colors may rule
A world
With diff’rent
A world
Yet not known
To us

The roses in
My dream was
Maybe a message
To broaden
My views
Just a bit
To be able to tell
To really describe
To explain
To tell
What you really
Can’t see

I dreamed
Of a bouquet
Of green roses
A most highly
But to me
And ever so sharp
And suddenly
Its message
Sunk in!

When I woke up
The roses
Were gone
I held
A green rose
In my hand
A shining rose
Beaming of love
It sparkled
With magic
Was its light
Shone ever so bright
Light of hope
Light of happiness
And joy


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