A cluster of poems by Roebain Christians
A cluster of poems by Roebain Christians

Bread crumbs


While the world is constantly turning on its axle

Her life was spiraling out of control.

First, she lost herself and broke down her self-esteem.

Give in to her cravings.

Lost her job and her faith,

Made so many mistakes.

She derailed, took a different path,

Forgot about the footprints of her grandma.


She got hooked on drugs,

Because she slept with a thug.

She chooses the dark side,

Love was blind.

Let the crows corrupt her soul, and take over her life.

She gave away her power.

When it was nearly too late,

 She realized it was time to turn around.

After her house burnt to the ground.

But she did not know how to find her way back,

Because the crows ate all the bread crumbs.


They bound her to drugs and left her powerless.

It took a traumatic incident,

To bring her to her senses.

She and her kids almost lost their lives

They would die in hellfire.

Finally, the peels fell from her eyes, she is not blind.

Grateful to God for giving her a second chance,

To be free and alive



It took every fiber in her being,

Away from the horrific scene.

To stand there,

She hopes the court would be fair.

Answer all these questions, when, why, how,

Felt like an owl.

Repeating herself,

When in her past they started to dwell.


It happened so fast,

All she could remember was the blast.

Goliath was in front of the door,

Blocked her way, before she hit the floor.

She called on all her courage to face the ordeal.

Conjured David in her to appear.


Her dauntlessness grabbed the gun,

In a spun a new nightmare began.

           The Headlines of the day.

Courageous was she, valor received!

Despicable me


  Despicable Me.

 For using any obstacle.

They erect in my pathway.

As a pebble and not a mountain.


Despicable Me.

That I don’t crumble.

In front of my frenemies.

But joyful singing.

They are anticipating,

Waiting to see if I am drowning.

But it is ok.

 I have God in me.

They don’t know

On troubled water.

I prefer to dance gracefully.



Despicable Me.

For not competing.

With lies and deceit.

But undisturbed doing my work.

The eagle, in me, patiently waits.

The storm reached its peak.

Before I spread my majestic wings.

And when the dark clouds gather,

I am swiftly taking off.

And above the storm,

I am soaring.

Become one with the roaring thunder,

And lightning.


Despicable Me.

For seeing.

With my optic eyes, far ahead

Their evil schemes.

Which was planned.

In their mind, they won.

But I have news for them.

A war had just begun.

I don’t hail any Caesar or Hitler.

But only to Jesus.

Dry your tears


As I am sitting on the top of the mountain,

Wondering if will I ever fit anywhere in.

A heart filled with pain.

            Your soul is in despair.           

Because love slips out of your hands,

Time, and time again.

Suddenly a mighty voice is speaking.

“My child, do you think this world belongs to you and me?”

I might have created it many years ago.

But soon I will come and take you home.

You are only visiting for a while,

Being an earthly guess.

Soon you will close your eyes,

While your body will be put to rest.

But the good news is,

Where I am taking you, life begins.

No more pain and suffering,

But a life filled with endless love.

A pretty rose in my garden you will be.

Blossoming eternally.

Dry your tears my precious gem,

I am here.

Hold on to my promise dear.

No more heartache and pain,

But blessings, abundantly.

I am chaos and beauty


  I am the mother of chaos and beauty,

  You can either love or hate me.

  I behold the mythology of the Greek gods,

  The book of Folktales you have been told.


 I am your oracle, you seek my guidance,

 At night you come to tell me all your dreams and secrets.

 I gave you my strength to be strong and bold, like a Taurus bull,

 Or cunning and deceiving, using my Scorpion sting.


 Some of you are mesmerized by my beauty,

 I bring the Virgo out in you, to be complex and still lovely.

 As I sail over the seven seas, your curiosity, captured me,

 My Pisces personality watches you calmly, wishing we are like Gemini.


 But because I am also chaos and not only bring hope,

 Libra judges you with her scales,

 And when I convicted you,

 Sagittarius released his arrow and gave you pain.


During the day I hide like a hermit Crab, away from your eyes,

Not to see how my loneliness feel.

But remember I will always be in your subconscious mind,

Because I am the Constellation, you need me.


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